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Weds - Fri: 8am to 6:30pm

Nurse Led Clinic

North Brink Practice operates a GP supervised, nurse led clinic. A break away from the traditional GP layout, our nurse led clinic allows us to offer more appointments and clinics to our patients.

The appointment will involve you seeing a nurse first who will take your history and discuss your issue. If they are unable to help then they will call in the supervising GP to see you and carry on with the consultation. Any further work that may need doing (referral, blood tests etc), will then be completed by the nurse.  


How to book an appointment

If you would like to book an appointment please first remember to check the 'Self Care/Local Services' section of our website to see if there are other local services that may be able to help. You can also access the 'NHS Health A-Z' guide on our home page which will provide you with information on how to best manage your illness without the need to contact us. 

If you are unable to receive the help and support that you require from other external services then please contact us either by phone or in person to arrange an appointment. Our trained front of house staff will then ask you a couple of questions to triage and determine the best clinic and person for you to see. If you require a translator then please inform us so that we can make the necessary arrangements for your appointment.

We also offer a selection of appointments online for patients to book. If you have access to your account please click HERE to login. If you do not yet have access to our online service but wish to do so please click HERE.