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Sick Notes, Referrals & Medical Reports/Forms

Sick Notes

A sick note (Med 3 Form) can be issued to patients who require more than 7 days off work due to an illness or disability. Once completed it can be handed to your employer or the Job Centre for them to process. The form will outline your details, your illness/disability, followed by a start and end date. 

Remember that you do not need a sick note issued for the first 7 days of absence. If your illness/disability continues to affect your work performance and attendance then one can be issued for you.

To request a new sick note please contact us at your earliest convenience and arrange a telephone consultation or an appointment in our nurse led clinic. They will discuss everything with you and either provide a sick note to you in person or leave it at the reception for collection.

Should you need a continuation for a sick note then please contact us either by phone or at the reception. We will take your request and pass it onto the assigned GP. Once signed they will be ready to collect after 5pm from the reception. If there are any concerns regarding your sick note then you will be contacted before this time.

More information on sick notes

For more information on sick notes, what you are entitled to and the information that you need to provide please click on the button below to be directed to the BMA (British Medical Association) website.


After a consultation with a clinician it may be necessary for you to be referred to a hospital for further tests and examination. If this is the case then remember that you have a choice as to where you would like to be seen, whether this is in a particular hospital or with a particular consultant.

Our normal practice policy states that we will refer you to a local NHS service with the soonest appointment unless if a preference is stated; this could be at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sandringham Hospital, Peterborough City Hospital, Fitzwilliam Hospital or Addenbrookes Hospital. Once the referral has been processed through the E-Referral system then you will receive your appointment details in the post.

If you would like to be seen privately then please mention this to the clinician during the appointment. After the referral has been made then the hospital will contact you to discuss payment  options. 

E-Referral Portal

If you have been referred through the E-Referral system and have received your appointment information in the post however you need to change your date and time, you can do so online by clicking on the button below. You will need your unique booking reference number (UBRN), and password, both of which can be found on the documentation received in the post.

Medical Reports/Forms

North Brink Practice is able to complete various forms, letters and medical reports. Please note that many of the forms and reports will carry a charge and may require payment before the work is completed. Once the work is complete a member of the patient services team will contact you.

If you have a form or medical report that requires completion please give us a call or bring it in and speak to our reception team. They will be able to look through and advise of any possible charges.

We aim to complete any work within 2 working days.

Accessing your Medical Records

Patients can also request to view their medical records. For more information please click on the button below.