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The Right Care, First Time

North Brink Practice is supporting the NHS in promoting self care across the community. There are many local services that are able to help with a variety of minor illnesses without the need to visit us. If they are unable to help then they will refer you back to us. 

The following conditions can be treated by your local pharmacy:

Athletes Foot                                                

Cold Sores                                                     



Cough and Colds



Diarrhoea or Vomiting

Ear Wax




Mouth Ulcers

Nasal Congestion

Sinus Problems

Sore Throat



The following conditions can be treated by the Minor Injuries Unit at the North Cambridgeshire Hospital:

Wounds, cuts and bruises

Bites (human, animal and insects)

Strains & Sprains

Minor burns and scalds

Limb fractures

Emergency contraception

Eye infections or injury

Ear ache (2 years old and over)

Cystitis (females over 14 years old)

Minor head injuries (no loss of conscious)

Local Services

The following services are available to all patients without the need of a referral from your GP

Antenatal Clinic, self referral to Midwives – 01945 469259.

British Pregnancy Advisory Service, self referral for a termination of pregnancy – 03457 304030.

Disrict Nurses, self referral for housebound patients who require dressing changes, injections etc – 0330 726 0077.

iCash, self referral for sexual health advice, treatment and emergency contraception – 0300 300 3030.

Inclusion, self referral for alcohol/drug addiction – 01945 469000.

Physiotherapy Advice Line, self referral for advice on issues relating to bones, joints and soft tissue – 0300 555 0210.